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Bộ sạc ắc quy cho xuồng cứu sinh (Lifeboat Battery Charger) Model: CD-4212-2

09/03/2016 08:50

Bộ sạc ắc quy cho xuồng cứu sinh (Lifeboat Battery Charger), Model: CD4212-2

The life boat battery chargers operate with a safe ingoing current of 42 or 24 Vac for the CCS approval. And its charger currents are 2×3Adc or 2×5Adc. 

Automatic float charging

Easily installed

Safe against short circuiting

Inadvertent polarity safe

Double insulated

Indicates charging process

Charges batteries individually

Safe against overheating

Does not charge destructively


Supply voltage: 42V/AC  50/60HZ

Fully charged voltage: 14.4V/DC

Complementary voltage: 13.3V/DC

Charging current: ≤5A (2 pieces of battery)

Dimensions L×W×H: 243×134×80 (mm)

Weight: 5 kgs

Protection grade: IP56

Temperature: -25~55℃

Origin: Wuxi Jianghai - China

With CCS Cert.