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Bộ đo và báo động nồng độ dầu trong nước (15 PPM bilge alarm for OWS)

22/02/2017 14:26

Bilge alarm device, 15 PPM bilge alarm device

Product features: 15 PPM bilge alarm device according to imo regulations, using infrared measuring technology and the digital circuit and developed a new type of products, applicable to the ship's bilge oily wastewater of on-line monitoring, information storage, print function, and can be connected to the computer, the remote monitoring.Products comply with MEPC107 (49) resolution requirements, in the domestic first for Marine product approval certificate of the China classification society (CCS).

Performance indicators:
Xoc - 01 type 15 PPM bilge alarm device performance metrics
The measuring range of 0-80 PPM
Measurement accuracy + / - 5 PPM
15 PPM alarm working point
Alarm relay load capacity 5 a / 250 v
4-20 ma output analog signal or 0 to 10 v DC
Weight 13.5 Kg
Power supply AC220, AC380 50 hz / 60 hz

Origin: Shanghai-China