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Dây cảm biến đo mức liên tục (The continuous level sensor)

21/03/2016 17:30

Cty PMAT nhận thiết kế, gia công, sửa chữa dây cảm biến đo mức liên tục cho tàu dầu. Thay thế phù hợp cho các loại cảm biến đo mức của các hãng: MUSASINO, TOKYO KEISO...

This consists of a central rod within which is a row of reed switches or Hall Effect switches. A float with an embedded
magnet in it and with a hole through its centre is placed over the rod.

• Distance between sensors: 20 mm.
• Length: variable to customer demand.
• Input power: 12 -24VDC.
• Output: 0 – 5V DC. Alternatively 4 – 20mA is available.
• Fixing: either from inside the tank (as shown) or fully from outside with use of the
external flange See drawing below.
• Fixing: M14 x 2mm thread.
• Seals material: Depending on application.
• Cable: 4 Core with strain relief grommet.
• Temperature range: -40C to 85C.

Hall IC sensor


Transmitter PCB