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15:09 pm | 20/02/2016
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Hệ thống báo động mức cao (Indpendent Hi &Hi-hi Level Alarm And Temp.)

20/02/2016 15:09

Hệ thống báo động mức cao (Indpendent Hi &Hi-hi Level Alarm And Temp. for Tanker)

Technical Specification
• Detection unit
※ Level Alarm-Reed switch with magnetic float
  ※ Temperature Sensor-PT-100Ω or two-terminal IC
• Temp. Indicator: By selected type-LCD indicator 
• Material : ※ Housing-SUS304
                ※ Flange-SUS304 or SUS316
                ※ Guide pipe-SUS304 or SUS316L
                ※ Float-SUS316L
• Detecting Accuracy : Alarm-±2mm
• Anti-Explosion Structure : Intrinsically safe
                                       EEX ia ∥C T4
• Protection : IP56 over
• Max. working pressure : 5㎏/㎠(option 20㎏/㎠)
• Temp. measuring range : -50~+120℃
• Contact rating : 250VAC, 0.25A
• Specific gravity : 0.65~1.5
• Installation : ※ Level sensor-JIS 5K 100A(STD.)
                    ※ Level & Temp. sensor-JIS5K 100A(STD.)
• Conduti connection size : JIS 5K32A FF(standard)
• Power supply : AC110/220V, 60Hz(Back up : DC24V)
• External alarm : High and high-high alarm(overfill)on the bridge top
• Alarm point : ※ High alarm-at 95% of volume
                     ※ High-high alarm-at 98% of volume
• Cargo monitoring panel : 
  The cargo monitoring panel will be designed and arranged for level alarm, high temp.
  alarm and temp. measurement based on the number of tank location etc.
  The cargo monitoring panel gives audible and visible alarm as well as cargo temp. 
  indication on the monitoring panel and also external alarm prepared by control panel
  gives an audible and visible notification to the operators on deck.

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